Sunday, April 27, 2014

Indie News: Self-Publishing as a First Choice, Not a Last Resort

For some reason, the word manifesto has always had a bit of a sinister connotation to it, to my ears. But this time, I'm willing to give Smashwords founder Mark Coker the benefit of the doubt.


Coker has written what he calls the Indie Author Manifesto. In it, Coker identifies 10 beliefs and values that he believes characterizes the self-publishing boom. 

Coker's most compelling point is a call to change the way readers and authors think about self-publishing. He says that once this was viewed as a last resort, someplace for failed authors to go. Coker thinks that needs to change, and he's hopeful that it is already changing. His prediction? In a couple of years, more first-time writers will want to self-publish than to traditionally publish their work. He says that indie authors will be "the cool kids."

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