Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing 101: All the Little Tips

You know about the hard work that goes into writing a book, and you probably have some idea of what you'll need to do as an indie author. But there are lots of little things you need to know that lots of people skip over -- until today.

Details, Details, Details

Little things matter, but as an author you're expected to be detail-oriented. So don't forget about all the little things that can help you on your journey, and don't neglect those details.

  • Email: Make your email address accessible, but hide it from the bots. Attach your email to a link (one that says "email me") or hide your email address like this: jadevarden [at] gmail [dot] com. If you display your address clearly, bots can find it and you'll get flooded with spam.
  • Over-accepting: Don't over-accept review requests, guest post spots and interviews. Remember, you need time to promote all of your events. Pace yourself a little so you can adequately promote everything you do.
  • Thank you: Say thank you to every book reviewer...even if they've trashed your work. If they take the time to email you links, take the time to thank them for their time. Don't say anything else! 
  • Remember: Keep reminding everyone about all of your books. Promote all your novels, at least every once in a while, because you can always gain new fans even with your older stuff.
Pay attention to the little things, and everything else you do as an indie author will be a little bit easier.

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