Sunday, February 2, 2014

Indie News: Indies Are Fighting Back

So, maybe self-pubishers and traditional publishers really can't get along after all. It seems that indies really are at war with traditional I guess it's time for you to get out your battle paint and keyboards.

Deep Inside the Literary World

Indie authors are starting to speak out against the publishing industry and, apparently, the Authors Guild. It started with an article written about author Jennifer Weiner, and then more authors began to chime in from their personal blogs and other available platforms.

The gist of the argument is that traditional publishers and even their authors are shunning the self-published, and indies don't care for the treatment they're getting. One writer even accused traditionally published authors of being self-serving, and turning a cold shoulder to the indie community for personal gain (what he actually said is that authors and publishers are in bed together, but that's a pretty graphic metaphor). 

The problem, some say, is that self-published authors can't join the Authors least, not very easily. Membership is exclusive to those who are published by "established" US-based houses, which really means one of the Big 6. Also welcome: freelancers who work for general circulation periodicals (because there are sooo many of those still around), and self-published authors who earn $5000 in royalties over the course of 18 months. Statistically, this excludes 87 percent of indie authors. 

Ironically, 54 percent of traditionally published authors don't meet this financial requirement, either. However, if those authors are published by big houses by the Authors Guild inclusion rules it doesn't matter. So why should indies have to reach a bar set by those who can't reach the same height themselves? 

You can see how heated arguments might develop, and angry blog posts may suddenly appear online.

It costs $90 USD annually to belong to the Authors Guild. The group actually is attempting, along with several major publishers, to keep Amazon from selling books.

Some indies have gone to war with the best weapon they've got: words. Do you stand with them on the battle lines...or are you going to remain well away from this conflict?

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