Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing 101: Finding Your Patron

I imagine that being a writer was a much more romantic occupation centuries ago. Once upon a time, wealthy nobles gave writers and other artists food, clothing, shelter and even money to help them master their craft. So it got me to there anybody willing to do that today?

A Wealthy Patron

Storytelling bards used to travel between castles and keeps, sharing their tales for a warm meal, a nice bed and much welcome. The good ones even got to visit Kings and Queens. Pretty good stuff, right? Like, who wouldn't want to travel around just telling stories and visiting fabulous places? 

Things are different today. The Internet makes it possible to share a story with the world without even getting out of bed in the morning. So the days of going to fancy homes and receiving fancy gifts are definitely over. The days of wealthy patrons who are going to give you food and shelter just so you can practice writing are over. In fact, if someone were to offer that to you it would be your obligation to question their motives. What do they want in return, that's the question. 

However, there are opportunities out there for you if you're looking for a little practical support to help you ply your craft. 

Grants provided by the government and private institutions actually give writers money to help them write. You will have to put together a full proposal and complete an application process, but you could end up receiving funds to help you finance your next project for all this effort. 

There are many cities with their own foundations and endowments for the arts. Look for opportunities like this on a national and local level in order to cast the widest possible net.

If you have a lot of short stories, poems and other pieces of writing stocked up, you can also enter various writing contests that award a cash prize. There are always writing contests happening, so you can keep yourself busy with these throughout the year.

It isn't very likely that a King will give you a jewel-encrusted necklace when you leave the palace after a week's stay, but there is money out there for writers and other artists. Find it, try to get it and you may end up with your own fancy patron.

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