Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspirational Authors: V. C. Andrews

V. C. Andrews was one of the first authors I read when I discovered books, and I adored hers. I re-read her early series books more times than I'm willing to admit. Her works inspired me to become an author (or something like one, anyway), and for that I owe her a debt...or maybe I should dislike her? Either way, I was greatly influenced by her work...and I think something rubbed off on me.

You Are What You Read

If you read a lot of a certain author, and love that author, it's only natural that you'll be influenced by that author. It's sort of like musicians. They always get asked "who influenced you" and they'll rattle off a list of names. Sometimes when they say a name you go "yeah, I can tell." Well, I was influenced by V. C. Andrews...and some of my readers can tell.


"I think it is well written. It reminds me of one of V. C. Andrew's earlier works. I like that it's written in the first person, that the plot keeps you guessing and has a lot of surprises."
-authorpholloway, Amazon reviewer

"Quick read for fans of V.C.Andrews...As I kept reading I couldn't help but think Justice reminded me a lot of V.C. Andrews work, which is admittedly a guilty pleasure of mine." 
-pandareads, Amazon reviewer

The Deck of Lies series was certainly influenced by the stories I read when I first discovered V. C. Andrews, and novels in general. The first book of hers I read was Flowers in the Attic, which had been newly adapted as a TV movie by Lifetime. It airs tonight! Find me on Twitter to talk about the movie live.

Were you influenced by an author the way I was influenced by V. C. Andrews? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments!

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