Sunday, July 14, 2013

Judgment Now Available in Paperback!

Tired of your ereader? Stick of straining your eyes to look at a screen? Now, you can enjoy the thrilling conclusion to the Deck of Lies series on good old paper.

Judgment (Deck of Lies, #4) is now available in paperback. Get every exciting moment, inside the courtroom and out, and never worry about your battery power.

Here's what other readers are saying about Judgment: 

"It is everything I could have asked for (had I known what to ask for) in an ending!!"
       -Theresa Jones

"All I hoped it would be... I couldn't and didn't put it down."
       -Leslie Chadwick

"A must read!"
       -Sienna, Lost to Books

Cashing Out 

Do I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? How can I, when the truth will destroy us all? Now that I've started telling lies, I can't stop. Not until all this is over, and I'm free of the family that never felt like mine. 

Maybe it's wrong. Maybe I'm a bad person. But it's definitely the only way I'm ever going to escape them. I have to take this opportunity to end things between us once and for all, no matter what it takes. 

Don't I?

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