Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why I'm Behind on My Reviews

So, I haven't posted a book review in a while, I know. Lately I've only been adding new books to the list instead of subtracting them, which is not good (because I happen to be massively behind as of the writing of this post). I've been sitting on The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer for weeks and weeks now, which in no way is a reflection of the talents of author Lisa Orchard. What I've read of her book is quite good, in fact, and really I wish I was reading it...because at this point, it's preferable to how I've been spending the little reading time I do get.

I don't know why, exactly, but I decided that I was going to create print editions of the Deck of Lies books. Because I have tunnel vision when I'm set on a goal, and because I'm such an exacting perfectionist, this naturally meant that I had to re-read all of Justice (Book 1) and The Tower (Book 2)...twice. This was quite necessary before I could approve the proofs, which I have done -- and I'll talk more about the print editions of these books in a future post.

It's not quite as obsessive-compulsive as it sounds, I swear! As I've mentioned, I've also recently finished Death, Book 3 in the Deck of Lies series. Of course, this means I've got to edit it -- which just means I have to read it while playing Punctuation Police and Grammar Guard (do the nicknames make it more fun?, not really). Since I was going to have to read Death anyway, it was a perfect time to re-read Justice and The Tower first. By reading all three books in a row before I sit down to write Judgment, I can make sure I have all my loose ends neatly tied up and every single question answered before the series closes. 

So instead of working on the long list of to-be-reviewed books I have waiting for me, I've been re-reading my own stuff...and that's why I'm behind on my reviews. I usually avoid trying to read more than one book at a time, particularly when one of them needs to be reviewed, so I don't muddy my own thoughts. I'm already thinking about books I'm writing all the time, and I don't need any more confusion in my head if I'm going to give someone a thoughtful review of their work. But eventually I will be finished editing Death (honestly I will, I'm working on the final edit now) and I'll carry on with all the books on my review list.

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