Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kindlegraph Your Books

Traditional authors definitely have the edge on indie book writers. Their books are put in print as well as digital editions, and their books are available in book stores and libraries. But the gap between indies and traditionals is getting smaller and smaller all the time. With kindlegraph, indies don't even need to put their books on paper to give away signed copies of their work.


What goes perfectly with an ebook? An esignature from the author, of course. If writers can sign their paper copies, why can't you sign electronic copies of your work? Kindlegraph says you can, and I'm fascinated by the service. 

Getting started is amazingly easy. Simply go to the site and sign in with your Twitter account. Look for the blue author sign up link at the bottom of the page, and get your Kindlegraph account all set up. The system may not recognize your name immediately, so you'll probably have to manually add your books. Doing so is quite easy; you just need to enter the ISBN or ASIN number of the book. You can add all your books to the system, and you'll be ready to go. 

Once you're signed in and you've added books, go right to your account and you'll find new requests for each of your books. It's a nice little addition of the system, and a chance for you to practice your kindlegraph. Once you're in the system, you're free to accept kindlegraph requests at will. Promote the service to let readers and fans know you're offering it, and you might be pleasantly surprised by autograph requests. You're not going to make money from it, but it is a very nice little extra you can offer to readers, and it takes you one step closer to all those more traditional authors out there.

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  1. That is so cool - and it might be the tipping point for me actually signing up for Twitter!

  2. Oh you've got to get on Twitter! I've received tweets from actual readers of my books, and it's so exciting. And we all talk about TV shows we love; it's great fun.

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