Monday, January 26, 2015

Writing 101: Writing Exercise

Stuck? Don't know what to write next? Can't create something that works? It's okay. I have a writing exercise that can help you with all of that. 

Just Keep Swimming

Sylvia Plath practically wrote an entire chapter about trying to start a book in The Bell Jar. I've stared at blank screens way more times than I'd like to admit. Sometimes, just getting started with something is the hardest possible writing you'll have to do. There's a way to fix it, and it's easier than you think.

What's the key to shaking yourself out of that funk and turning a blank screen into big chunks of text? Just keep swimming.

No, I'm not telling you to go jump in a lake. Remember Finding Nemo? Fish have to swim, even when they have no idea where they're going. And writers have to write...even if they have no idea where they're going.

So if you're stuck and you don't know where to go, just start writing. Pick something to describe, and describe it. Emily Bronte was fascinated by an old house near her own, and she began to write about it. Eventually, she had the book Wuthering Heights.

Sometimes, you have to just start writing. Maybe you don't know what you're writing about or why. But you do it anyway, because you're a writer. If you get stuck, just keep swimming. Eventually, all that forward motion will take you somewhere. 

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