Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Self-Published Books: Getter Bigger Than the Big 5?

Data from shows that self-published book titles make up 31 percent of Amazon Kindle's book sales, and that's a lot. In fact, it suggests that indie authors are growing as powerful as the Big 5. This is the moniker given to the country's 5 biggest publishing companies, the old guard who for so long dictated popular literature in the United States. Those days might be over. 

Mr. Big Stuff

The "Big 5" publishing companies can lay claim to just 38 percent of Kindle book sales. Not only are self-published books taking up a piece of the market that's almost as big, self-published authors get bigger royalties than their traditionally-published counterparts. According to AuthorEarnings, self-published authors earn almost 40 percent of all ebook royalties paid out by Amazon.

If you're looking for your best chance in the ebook marketing and you're self-published, try romance. Self-published authors dominate the genre, grabbing 66 percent of sales. Big 5 authors have a measly 18 percent of the market. By contrast, the Big 5 authors are out-selling indies in the mystery, thriller and suspense genre.

If the numbers continue to rise, self-publishing could become the dominant force in the book industry. Wouldn't that be a big change?

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