Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forget DRM, and Give Yourself a Better Chance

Self-published books are beginning to rise to dominance in ebook sales. Authors published through the Big 5 companies make up only 16 percent of the titles on Amazon's bestseller list. Self-published books have a 25 percent chunk of the list.

How DRM Hurts

eBooks that are self-published on Amazon get 31 percent of daily sales across all book genres. Indie authors as a group have the biggest market share. But the authors that are making the biggest bucks aren't using DRM.

According to data, almost 100 percent of Big 5 books exercise the DRM option. Just half of self-publish authors use DRM. Books that don't have DRM protection, however, get 64 percent of the total sales. Self-published books without DRM protection sell around twice as many copies as the indie books that do.

Forget about using DRM. Anything that can hurt your sales can only hurt you as a self-published author. So protect yourself with copyrights, not electronic safeguards, and sell more books.

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