Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing 101: Add Your eBooks to the Library

How do you know you're a "real" author? For some, it's seeing their book or books available at the public library. Now that many libraries have added ebook collections to their spanking-new virtual shelves, it's a possibility. Add your ebooks to your local library's database, and join all the other big-time authors who loan their books out for free.

Amazon at the Library

Amazon released many of their electronic titles for lending at libraries all over the United States, and you can join the list of available books.  Many of the ebooks available at local libraries can be found on a central database which distributes the books.

From the OverDrive site, readers can type in their zip code to find the ebooks available at their local libraries. It's even got an app.

To get your books listed on OverDrive, and subsequently at libraries across the country, you'll have to apply for a publisher account with the site. If you're with a small press, contact them about potentially becoming publishers with OverDrive to offer your titles for lending. 

Listing your ebooks at local libraries makes them more available to readers, and free books are much easier to share. Run promotions to share lending links, and get more readers.

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