Monday, October 15, 2012

Writing 101: What Are You Reading?

Writers are supposed to be in their own heads a little bit. You have to completely immerse yourself in the world you're inventing in order to write it properly, don't you? But you've got to step outside of that world every once in a while, and into someone else's. What are you reading right now....and are you reading for you, or to improve your writing? 

Reading and Writing

Lots of writers also enjoy reading. Many authors have been inspired by other authors. I have a few particular favorites, myself. But you shouldn't necessarily be reading those authors that you love -- at least, not all of the time. Some of the time, you've got to read in order to improve your writing. You've also got to read to make sure you're writing within your own genre, and that you're marketing toward the right audience.

Think of it as reconnaissance. If you're writing YA books, shouldn't you be reading other YA books to see what's happening in the genre? Sure, it only makes sense. Make it a point to read popular novels in your genre, so you get a feel for what your peers are doing. 

Speaking of which, you should also be reading other indie authors. See what they're doing, and what's working and what isn't working. It's instructive to read great writing, but it's also instructive to read any writing.Read books like yours and authors like you, and you'll learn a great deal about how to be a better writer.

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