Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Angel Dance

I don't even remember how Angel Dance ended up on my review list; I was reading the previous book for so long that it's rendered my entire list unrecognizable. However it ended up on my Kindle, I'm so happy it did. Angel Dance was a fantastic book, a quick read, and everything I wanted it to be from the very first page. 

This novel introduces us to Danny Logan, a likable soldier-turned-private investigator who's heading up his own fledgling firm. His newest job may also be the most important: find an heiress who has gone missing. Gina Fiore's brother Rob is a friend of Danny's, and Danny has a history with the now-missing Gina. The two dated for three glorious all ended when Danny went into military service.

Mostly, Gina likes to be in control. It's because of this that Danny has trouble picturing her as a victim, and things start to look off-course right away. I was completely caught up in the missing person investigation, which unfolded while the rest of the cast was revealed. I didn't connect very well with Toni, Danny's brash partner who wields her sex appeal (inappropriately) like some sort of weapon. I'm not sure the author understands women very well, but he is a mere man. 

So is main character Danny Logan, who was enjoyable throughout. I was quickly absorbed in his hunt for Gina and anxious to get his interpretation of each new detail as it was revealed. I was so into the story, I was totally unprepared when this engaging procedural mystery suddenly morphed into an exciting suspense story. Twists and turns began to muddy the waters and heighten the drama, and I couldn't get the book read fast enough. 

Will he find her? What happened to her? What's going to happen if he does find her and she's alive? It was completely wonderful. Twist after twist after twist rocked me near the end of the book, and I was floored by the final shocking turn. Throughout, I found myself wondering which intriguing lady was Danny's real love interest: the mysterious and captivating Gina, or the wild and sexy Toni? The author kept me guessing until the very last page.

If you're looking for a mystery and suspense story with interesting characters, terrifying meetings involving mobsters, and a dark underworld of crime, dirty deals and unexpected twists, look no more. Angel Dance is well-written, fast-paced and absolutely error-free. I was thrilled to discover that this is only the first chapter in a series of books revolving around investigator Danny Logan, and I'm eager to find out where his next investigation will take him.

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