Writing 101: Tweeting About Your Books

As an indie author, you might spend more time tweeting about your books than actually writing them. Social media is your best avenue for marketing, and Twitter is an incredibly popular social media site. But tweeting about your books isn't easy...because you've got to figure out what to tweet about.

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You can't tweet "buy this book" all day long, because who's going to click on that? You tweet something like that all the time, and you'll just get a bunch of people who unfollow you all the time. If you really want people to buy your books, you've got to use your tweets to make a case for yourself.

And you need to a spanking good job, too...because you've got a very limited amount of space.

  • Review quotes:  Pulling quotes from your book reviews is an excellent way to promote your books to new readers. Look for the best comments about your book, and build your tweet around this. Review quotes can be used in a variety of different ways on Twitter, so work hard to get those reviews.
  • Mini-excerpts: Pull intriguing lines from the book to make readers hungry for more. Use the "search" function on your software to find good lines based on certain scintillating keywords. I look for lines containing "lies," "secrets" and "murder." If you write romance, look for lines containing "kiss," "embrace," "passion" -- well, you get the idea.
  • Sensational summaries: In your own words, write attention-getting statements or thought-provoking questions to whet the reader's appetite. If you can sum your book up in a single provocative sentence, you can definitely tweet about your book. Here's an example: Cora's life changed for ever the day she accidentally stumbled across the mummy's curse. You might click on that link, right? Write lines that make people want to click. That's the art of using Twitter.

What you don't want to do is Rickroll your followers. Don't write something like "Brad Pitt fully nude XXX" and link it to your book that has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. Be honest about what you're promoting at all times. If you can make your own book sound good, you don't need to resort to trickery. And if you can't make your own book sound good, re-writes on that book might be needed. Just saying.

Space is your biggest problem with Twitter. Make it easier on yourself by using a link-shrinking program so you can fit more characters into your tweets. With a good link shortener, you'll only need 20 characters for the link itself. That allows you to use the remainder of the space to tweet about your books.

Tweeting about your books is incredibly important. Learn how to do it and get it done...and hopefully, you'll sell more books because of it.

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