Writing 101: Asking for Reviews

Indie authors have to promote their books all the time. They spend time on social media, they browse forums, they blog. But as an indie author, you should also be asking for reviews -- every chance you get.


Indies have to court the book bloggers, and it's a great way to get reviews. Keep sending your requests out every week. Keep using forums to find potential reviewers and swap opportunities,  if you do swapping. But don't stop there. If you want to get reviews, start asking for them:

  • On Twitter: Nothing's wrong with a friendly reminder. Give occasional shout outs on Twitter, reminding your readers to give you reviews if they haven't already. Make it easy for thrm by including links. 
  • In the book: Include a little note at the end of your books, encouraging readers to review it. Take it one step further. In your ebooks, include links so they can simply click their way to a review.  
  • Through forums: Don't just browse forums looking for people who review books. Write posts asking for reviewers. You'll see authors doing this all the time. They do it because it works, so don't be shy. Use a polished pitch and include all necessary links. Always make it as easy as possible for them to give you what you want. 
  • After giveaways: Giving books away is a good promotional tool that lots of Indies use. Don't let it go to waste. With every copy you give, include a little note in the email asking giveaway winners to review the book if they can. 

There's an old saying that it never hurts to ask, so start asking. If you want reviews and you're the only person promoting your book, you're probably going to have to go out there and solicit to get those reviews. So get out there.

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