Monday, September 28, 2015

The One Who Failed at Self-Publishing

Even if you haven't read "Walden Pond," you've probably heard of Henry David Thoreau. He's well-known for going out into nature and writing about it, doing firsthand research to create his very famous book. What you may not know is that he self-published a book, and didn't do well with it at all.

Unsuccessful at Self-Publishing

Henry David Thoreau published two full-length books, but no one much cared. Neither book sold well, and that includes "Walden Pond," even though Thoreau gained some notoriety as an essayist. His sales were so bad, in fact, that he had to self-published his third novel himself.

"A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers" was self-published by Thoreau himself. His had 1,000 copies of his novel made, but less than half of them ever sold. Only 300 copies were sold to paying customers. In a word, Thoreau's self-publishing adventure was a failure.

It wasn't until much later, well after he died, that critics and readers started noticing his work. They looked at it again, and found that it was actually quite important stuff. Now, Thoreau's name lives on.

Not bad for a self-published author.

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