Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Writing 101: Everyday Advertising

In case you haven’t looked at Amazon lately, trust me when I say that there are a lot of books out there. I probably follow at least 5,000 indie authors on Twitter, and I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface. So how will you get people to choose your books over another author’s? Everyday advertising can help you a little bit every day.

Hey, Look at Me!

There are small things that you can do on a regular basis to get your book and your name out there. And maybe you won’t start selling a million books a month, but it’s not going to do you any harm if you sell 5extra books a month will it? So try integrating these everyday advertising tricks into your daily routine, and see what happens.

  • This space for rent: Do you use your laptop, tablet, or cell phone in public? Do any of these items contain a sticker or screensaver that promotes your books? Why have you waited so long to do this? Change your backgrounds, your screensavers and anything else you can change and turn it into a promotion for your book. A clever tagline, a link and an arresting image are all you need.
  • Oops, I did it again: Say you just happen to be in a Best Buy or the electronics section of the Wal-Mart. Let’s suppose that somehow, all the computers have your Amazon author page or your blog on the screen. If you’re there shopping anyway, it’ll only take a few minutes to make that happen.
  • We’re the same, you and I: If you’re not on Twitter as an indie author, get on there. What are you thinking? Now, identify well-known, mass-market authors who are in your genre or otherwise write subject matter similar to yours. Now tweet to them and mention your book. Something like “your book Fancy Paperback reminds me so much of my novel Indies Rule,” or “Kristen in Red Shoes is so much like Marybelle in my book Anxious.” If the author never responds to you, who cares? That’s not the point. The point is to get that author’s fans to notice, and to get them to associate you with that bestselling author.
  • My John Hancock: Do you email? Post on forums? Leave comments on places? Make sure you have a signature that you’re using for all those places. Make that signature splashy and graphically pretty. Make sure it includes your name and a link where people can find you. And use it during all your Internet activity to leave advertising everywhere you go.

Everyday promotion can help you sell a few more books here and there, and that’s never going to hurt. All these tips are free, because there’s nothing like free advertising, so all you have to spend on them is time. Use them, and see what happens.

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