Monday, December 29, 2014

Writing 101: Spell Check is Ruining My Life

I always thought that automatic spell check was one of the greatest inventions of modern man. I thought that until about a week ago, when I realized all at once that spell check has actually ruined me as a writer. This is a cautionary tale to warn you about how spell check may also be ruining you. Please, proceed with care.

How Do I Hate Thee

It happened just the other day. I had cut-and-pasted something from Word into Google Drive, or vice versa. It doesn't really matter. The point is, I was proofreading what I'd just written. I didn't realize that spell check hadn't yet kicked in. 

That is, I didn't realize it until I was two paragraphs down the page. Suddenly, the screen lit up with red squiggles everywhere. They were all over those first two paragraphs. I went back to look again, and saw that what I'd just proofread was riddled with errors.
I just couldn't see them the first time around, because spell check didn't show them to me. I've become so dependent on those red squiggled I'm no longer seeing my own errors.

Is spell check ruining your life, too? Test yourself. Type a page out in Notepad, which doesn't have spell check, and then paste it into Word. See what happens.

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