Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Writing 101: Answering Questions About Your Book

Can you tell me about your book in 10 words or less? If you can't, figure out how to do it right now. Because people are going to ask you questions about your books. When they do, your answers need to be short and to the point. Otherwise, the person asking will lose interest...and they definitely won't read the book, then. 

10 Words or Less

A story of deception, murder and self-discovery.

A world where life is already mapped out for you.

What happens when a world of lies comes crashing down?

Each one of those lines describes one of my books, and they do it in 10 words or less. If you feel any interest or curiosity at all about those lines, I've done my job. If someone asked me what is your book about, I could answer with one of these lines and call it day. And that's exactly what I would do. Save the much longer answer for the blurb. The shorter answers you get to use everywhere else.

If you're participating in forums and being opportunistic, you'll get interviewed about your books. If you're telling people you're an author, you'll get asked about your books. You need to know how to answer those questions, and you need to do in a way that's quick and interesting. The less information you give them, the more they will want. Tell them just enough, and then no more. Giving a long answer will only kill interest, and it's asking people to absorb too much information. The main thing they need to know is the title. If you leave them with a vague sense of curiosity and the name of the title, you've done an amazing job. 

So give them just what they need to know, and get good at answering questions about your book.

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