Thursday, September 4, 2014

Writing 101: Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is one of those things that's very rarely, if ever, found in life but it's found in books all the time. There's a good reason why authors make characters fall in love instantly: it takes a whole lot less time and energy to write. But love at first sight can be done well...if you're willing to take the time to do it.

The Day I Met You

Love at first sight is a common love stereotype you'll find in novels all the time. It's much easier to make characters love instantly than it is to fill up pages and pages of a relationship. Actually falling in love takes so much time and trouble, there are entire books just about falling in love. So when you have to fold a love plot into a story that's already packed with other stuff, love at first sight is an easy and attractive option.

But it can also be a lazy option. That's why you've got to put in the work to make sure it's done well. 

When Fools Rush In

If you're going to write love at first sight to save time and quickly establish a relationship between two characters, you're going to want to include certain elements to make the plot feel real. 

  • Attraction: The two characters should be physically attracted to each other. Instant physical attraction is pretty much a given in love at first sight, so feel free to get this established right away. 
  • Connection: Your love interests should feel a connection. They work well together, they can guess each other's moods, they have a similar humor -- something. Make sure you give them something to connect on other than physical appearance. 
  • Communication: Love blossoms from getting to know one another, so your characters should have an instant communication. If they can talk to each other easily or they share something together, it's much easier to establish the intimacy that makes love feel genuine. 

Love at first sight is one of those things you find in books easily, but making it feel like the truth is much more difficult. Even if characters meet and love each other quickly, take the time to show how it's possible. Show readers how this pair matches up, how they complement each other, and make their love real.

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