Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writing 101: How to Use QR Codes

When you're an indie author, the ebook market is where you live. And if you're going to be a part of the digital market, you're going to have to stay well-versed in all the trends, gadgets and gimmicks that are being used in the mobile world. So if you don't already know how to use QR codes, now's the time to learn.

Quick Response

QR codes look like graphic representations of bar codes, and in a way they are similar. QR codes, Quick Response codes, can be read by cell phone and tablet cameras. They're used to take users instantly to a web page, so no one has to go to Google or type in a long web address.

And while you'll see QR codes in magazines, business cards and on flyers, here's what you may not know: anyone can make a QR code. In fact, I made both the codes that appear in this post. Point your cell phone camera at them and see where you end up (they both go to the same place).

Use apps to read QR codes quickly. I like Google Goggles, but only because my lifeblood pact with Google Drive has made me beholden to all Google products from here on in. Google Drive is a tyrant.

But I digress. The point is, you can make your own QR codes. Put them on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, business cards, bookmarks...whatever you like. It's free to generate a code, so start using them

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