Sunday, February 3, 2013

Going Off the Grid

So, I haven't been around much in the last week. It's not because I'm working on the new novel (in fact, I'm still stuck on Chapter 4), it's because I've been moving.

 Drawing the Line

After three months, I made a big final push to put an end to my strange, two-home existence. The work on the house has been progressing slowly, or not at all, so two weeks ago I decided to do what I do best: I set a deadline.

I'm good with deadlines. They conduct my every waking moment and hold me in an iron grip. They also keep me in line. If I had my druthers, I would spend my days watching the Game Show Network and live tweeting my very intense thoughts regarding Let's Make a Deal and Match Game, which I maintain are very important contributions to society. 

So I need the deadlines. I perform under pressure; sometimes, it's the only way I can. However, I over-estimated something somewhere with the deadline I set for the move. A lot of work ended up coming in, and I got stymied by a box shortage. I got about five hours a sleep every night for the past week and did my very best to run myself ragged. Things got so intense, I actually dropped my exercise routine for an unprecedented 2 days.

Because I've been so pressed for time, I've been very neglectful. I haven't been responding to comments and tweets very responsibly, and I'm sorry to admit I've skipped a ton of forum-reading. I have kept up with the blogs I follow, but I haven't been able to comment much on new posts. I'm just barely responding to emails at this point; this blog post took three days.

I've already been out of touch, and now I'm going off the grid. Because of an error (mine), I'll be almost totally without Internet for a terrifying two days. I'll have some access thanks to my mobile, but you know what that's like.

I'm feeling very daunted by it all, to be honest. I'm nervous about the move and terrified of being totally without Internet. What will I do, if I'm not working? There's no real pressure in unpacking the boxes -- it's not like moving under a strict deadline.

And while the Internet will be off, the TV is going to be working just fine. Just imagine how much interesting stuff will be on there...and how much tweeting I can do from my phone.

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