Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Lost in the Deck of Lies

"It kept me in constant suspense throughout the story and once again it was virtually impossible to predict who did what."

"The unpredictability of the book is what makes it so great."

Sienna Logan, at Lost to Books, has followed up her review of Justice with new reviews for The Tower and Death, the second and third books in the Deck of Lies!

"This series is great and I would recommend it to everyone! The murder mystery keeps you in suspense and the love interests keeps you hooked."

Visit the site to read the full review of The Tower.

 "Jade Varden once again surprised me by turning the story on its head again and continuing it in a way I'm sure no one will predict."

See if you can predict where the story's going after you read the full review of Death.

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