Writing 101: Fear of Commitment

It isn’t easy to devote yourself to one story, just one story, when there are so many stories that want to be told. On Monday, you may get an amazing idea for a story that’s been brewing in your mind for a while. But on Thursday, you may figure out the answer to some nagging plot question on that novel you’ve been working on since January. When you find yourself writing a bunch of different projects at the same time and finishing none of them, you need to ask yourself a question: do you have a fear of commitment? 

Sticking it Out

I’ve worked on three different books in as many months, and when I look back at my progress for each one I’m always surprised by how little there is. I work on one story, start thinking about another and switch to it. It’s a good way to get all my ideas down when I’m having them. It’s a terrible way to write a book. Sometimes, authors need to commit to just one project. Otherwise, you might not get any of them finished. 

Which is exactly the boat I’m in, right now. By being unable to focus on just one story at a time, I’ve been working on too many at once. That’s a slow way to go about self-publishing, and I can personally tell you I don’t recommended it. Sometimes, it’s hard to commit to writing just one book. Your mind might be filled with more than one story. But almost all the time, focusing on one story is the only way to write something great.

So commit already. It’s okay to devote yourself entirely to one book, and sometimes that’s what you have to do. Make a decision and stick to it until the end. It’s very easy to get distracted. Write down notes and thoughts as they occur to you, but then get back to your main project. Stay committed until the book is finished, because this is how you’re going to get it done and published.

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