Writing 101: Are You A Modern-Day Playwright?

Different writers have different writing strengths. That’s the nature of the business. Sometimes, writing a novel may not be the best way to showcase your writing strengths. Maybe you are a modern-day playwright.


Not all writers are strong narratively. It's tedious, and never easy, to describe actions and settings in a way that other people will enjoy. But you may still have stories to tell. Maybe you aren't meant to write novels. Maybe you're a screenwriter.

When your writing strengths lie in dialogue and you excel at interaction, playwriting may be your best option. The days of Shakespeare are over, but modern-day playwrights continue to churn out stories for the screen.

Scripts are mostly dialogue, which makes them perfect for writers whose strength lies here. For each scene of the script, you add some information about setting and offer brief descriptions of the characters. This kind of writing is perfect for some writers. If you’re one of them, try your own hand at writing a script/play.

It’s surprisingly easy to find and download entire scripts online. Look for a movie script, a TV show or even a Broadway play. The scripts that are available to download will be a few years old, but the screenwriting format is always the same. If you can find the script of a show or a movie that you’ve actually seen, that’s even better. This will give you a sense of how the words are turned into a visual medium.

The world needs scripts, and modern-day playwrights are always in demand. Storytelling isn’t confined just to novels, and writers should always look for ways to play to their own strengths. If you struggle with writing traditional novels, maybe all you really need is a new way to write a story. Maybe you’re really a Shakespeare, just looking for a way to fit into this modern writing world.

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