Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Writing 101: How to Be a Better Writer

No one is a born writer, contrary to what they may say. No infant comes out of the womb with story ideas. You've never heard of a writing prodigy who was completing novels at age 6. It is a learnable skill, one that you can hone and sharpen. There are ways you can become a better writer. Start using them. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember when you learned to drive a car? You were shaky and unsure of yourself behind the wheel the first time. But when the car didn't go careening into the river and kill you right away, your confidence began to grow. You started to feel a little more comfortable. Now, you're whipping in and out of parking spots, burning rubber all over the city and fixing your hair while you set the air conditioning. We at Jade's blog advocate safe driving at all times. Please stay responsible. 

The point is, the more you drove the better you got at driving. Writing is like that, too. 

There are several ways you can hone your craft and learn how to be a better writer. Put them into practice. 

  • Write a blog: If you get into the habit of blogging every day, or frequently, you'll find it easier to establish your voice and your particular writing style. A blog is a relaxed writing environment that gives you the freedom to write about any topic at all. There's no pressure and there's nothing you have to cover, so it's more relaxed than creating a novel. You need to give yourself that freedom to figure out who you are as a writer.
  • Join a writing group: Some people work better in groups, and that's just who they are. If you're the type of person who likes to discuss ideas and tips with others, rather than explore it all on your own, look for a writing group. You can find them online and out in the world. Look to local libraries and community centers to find physical writing groups.
  • Read more: Want to know how to write better? Start reading more. Choose the classics. Browse the popular novels. Read whatever grabs you most, and you'll start to learn more about the craft of writing and storytelling itself.
  • Practice different mediums: Writers can write anything if they're pressed to do so. Start practicing writing in other mediums, and not just inside your comfort zone. Write non-fiction. Create short stories. Make up some poems. Practice all of it to learn more about all types of writing. Who knows? You may discover that you love writing in one of these other mediums best of all. 

Want to know how to be a better writer? Flex your writing muscles in all different directions. Practice all different types of writing and learn more about the craft from every angle, and it will happen.

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