Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Writing 101: Crazy Advice for Writers

In my frequent quest to discover new writing advice and various tips, I come across lots of bad ideas that just aren't going to work. Instead of laughing at them alone, I thought I'd share some of the craziest ones I've discovered recently. Just remember: don't follow this crazy advice for writers.

These Are Not My Tips

Remember, this is not my advice. These are crazy tips I've collected online that I'm convinced aren't going to work out well for anyone. I'll be explaining exactly why they won't.

  • Take a 15-minute nap: This is a real tip I found on a writing website. A 15-minute nap is insanity. That's not going to refresh you, and if I try to sleep for 15 minutes I'll be knocked out for at least three hours. Writers don't always get a lot of sleep. Or any. 
  • Write for 24 hours straight: Seriously, don't do this. You're going to be writing gibberish before it's all said and done. Your body will be sore. Your knees will ache, and your legs will cramp. You will have to erase most of it because it's not even editable.
  • Learn a new word a day: What for? You probably haven't even got time to do this, and it's pointless. Learning a bunch of obscure words isn't going to help you be a better writer.
  • Buy an editor: You may not think this is crazy advice, but I do. You don't need to buy an editor, because you need to save your money for a book cover. Writers have to learn how to edit their own books, and edit them well. That's part of being a writer, so put your money away.
There is a lot of bad advice for writers out there, and then there are the tips that are just crazy. When it comes to writing advice, even mine, keep one thing in mind: follow it as long as it makes sense for you. When it doesn't, stop.

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