Being a full-time writer and a self-published author is a balancing act, and today I feel a little like I'm walking on a tightrope. 

Walk the Line

Freelance writers already have a lot of tasks to juggle, because it's common for them to work several gigs at a time. That means that multiple projects have to be completed in a single day; multiple editors and overseers must be appeased. And, if those writers are anything like me, multiple email accounts must be checked.

I check four different email accounts every single day for three different names. And here's the rub: they're all my inboxes. The only way I can manage it all is to compartmentalize. But when you're juggling all sorts of daily writing tasks and you're an indie author, too, things can get a little hectic in spite of your best efforts.

Suddenly you're a performer at the circus, practicing some death-defying feat. Walking a tightrope between lots of different jobs and many different responsibilities is something that most indie authors can relate to (I hope). Today I feel like I'm going to fall off the tightrope, something I've done before. I fall behind and I screw up and I forget stuff, sometimes. 

But when I do, I have to do what all performers do. I take a deep breath, make amends where I can, and try again. When you walk a tightrope for a living, every single step isn't always going to be perfect.

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