Writing 101: Should You Be Using Matchbook?

Amazon has blazed a trail for today's indie authors. Their KDP program made it possible for millions of books to be published and sold. Amazon's newest invention for indies is the Matchbook program, and it could help the mega-site sell even more books. Should you be using it to sell more of yours? 

Amazon's Matchbook

If you haven't heard about Amazon's new program, it's no big deal. It's still pretty new. But you'll probably start hearing more about it soon. The Matchbook programs sells itself. Customers who buy a print copy of a book receive a free or highly discounted Kindle copy of the same. It's a great deal for the consumers, who may want their book in both print and electronic form to easily read between locations.

It's an amazing program for indie authors, too. The Matchbook program gives readers more incentive to buy print and ebook copies of your novel, because now they can get a discount. The result is that indie authors end up making even more money despite the reduced cost, because readers are buying the book twice. Best of all, authors don't have to be exclusive to Amazon in order to participate in Matchbook.

Should you be using this program? Absolutely! Anything that encourages readers to buy more books, and helps them do it, is something to be embraced. Adding books to the program will give you something new to promote, to boot.

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