Indie News: Mac App Aims to Serve Indies

Self-publishing a book? There's an app for Mac owners can make use of Vellum. If the functionality is as good as the name, writers are sure to be delighted with it. There's just one question: what the heck does a self-publishing app do

Because if an app can do all that tedious promotion and editing, count me in. But that's not exactly what Vellum does. Two former Pixar designers came together to create the app, which is designed to make it easier for writers to format and distribute their work. 

But like many things in the world of self-publishing, there's a bit of a catch. The app itself is free. Actually using it to turn your manuscripts into ebooks, however, is not. It's going to cost you a smooth $50 a book, but there are some bundling options. 

The vast majority of indie authors are lucky if they earn $50 in sales for every book they publish, and using the app isn't even the only cost. US residents have to pay for the copyright, and many authors are obliged to pay for professional cover art. Promotion, editing, reviews -- it can all cost money, and the app does none of these things. 

Self-publishing a book is already pretty simple, even without a fancy app. Just take a look at the Kindle store, and you'll see exactly how easy it really is.

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