Writing 101: Go Google Yourself

If you aren't checking Google every day, you're missing a ton of marketing opportunities for you and all your books. Find out why you should go Google yourself at least once in every 24-hour period, and find all those missed promotions that are falling through the cracks. 

Powering the Indie Engine

You should already be doing periodic searches of your pen name to avoid plagiarism (or at the very least, catch it when it's happening). But an occasional content check just isn't enough, not if you're going to catch all those potential marketing opportunities that are just out there waiting for you.

To do that, you're going to have to perform a search every day. Narrow down your results by time frame, an option you'll usually find above or below the search bar (depending on the search engine you're using), to look at results from the past 24 hours. Do this every day, and you're going to catch all those marketing opportunities you'd be missing otherwise. 

If you've been sending out those review requests, like you're supposed to, this is the best and most effective way to catch all those new reviews. Not every blogger is going to personally email you to tell you that a post about your book is about to go live. Some do; most don't. Only by doing a regular, daily search are you going to find them all. And you want to find them all, because you want to promote all of the good ones. 

A daily search will also alert you to any mentions that you would be missing otherwise. When someone refers to you in a blog post or talks about you and your books in a forum post, you might miss it completely. Doing a search on a daily basis will make sure you don't. This allows you to respond to those mentions, keeping yourself more accessible and engaged with readers and potential readers. 

If you aren't searching for yourself every day, you aren't getting all those marketing opportunities that are passing you by. Tweeting about someone else's blog post is some of the easiest promotion you're likely to get, so it's well worth your time to do the daily search. So quit reading -- and go Google yourself, already.

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