Writing 101: Being Accessible

I used to think all authors were tortured, anti-social artists who locked themselves in dank attics in order to create their amazing words. This is how I would probably behave, if I could.

But I'm an indie author. That means my main job description is availability. As an indie, you have to be accessible. Not just to readers, or other writers. You have to be available to the entire world.

Being Available

The idea that authors are untouchable and aloof is an old one, and untrue. Today's tech makes it possible for just about any two people to connect, and no author is an island anymore. That is especially true for indie authors.

Being accessible is about more than having social media profiles, or maintaining a blog. True accessibility means answering and responding.

What I mean is this: having a blog isn't helping you if you never respond to comments. Writing all those tweets is less meaningful if you aren't checking your mentions throughout the day and responding accordingly.
Accessibility isn't in the way you respond; it's all in the fact that you're responding. Being available to the world makes it easy, and more desirable, to buy your books. Readers like authors they can touch, metaphoricallly speaking, not that weirdo who's hiding up in the attic. 

So be accessible. Respond to emails, respond to blog comments, answer Tweets and give replies when people take the time to contact you through Goodreads, your website or any other medium. This is where you'll find new readers...not in that dank little attic.

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