Writing 101: Where to Find Book Reviewers

As a self-published author, getting reviews has to be one of your main goals. You should spend time on it at least once a week, sending out letters and refining your review requests. Once you figure out how to get reviews, it's not going to help unless you know where to go. 

Finding Book Bloggers

Save yourself time by looking not for individual book blogs but lists of book review blogs. There are so many book blogs out there, you could never find them all through individual searches. Vary your search query to get more results. Look for book blogs that review indie books, ebooks, and books in your genre.

Jade's List

In the meantime, use my list of book review lists. Some of these are YA-specific, and you'll run into many blogs that are old, broken or no longer about books. But, you will find some viable blogs inside the lists, and nobody ever said it wasn't going to be hard work. These are in no specific order whatsoever:

The Indie Reviewers List

The Indie Book Blog Database


The YA Book Blog directory

Book Bloggers Association

A list of indie book reviewers

Book Reviewer Yellow Pages


Ottinger's Book Review Blog List

Book reviewers on the Web

Book blogger and reviewer listing

Other Book Reviewers

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  1. hey, Jade! This is AWESOME info!! Im right now attempting to get people to read and review my book (which will come out in January!)
    So, this list is Exactly what I needed!!

    I also wanted to ask you how you would feel about doing a review? I read your review policy, but I didnt see a way to contact you (like an email address)

    I thought about asking you on Twitter...

  2. Always glad to help! If you look on the right side of this page, you'll find a little "About Me" section underneath my Indie Book widget. There's a small picture of me there as well. A link to my email is included in the info there, but you can always holler at me on Twitter whenever you like. I can give you the address through a DM if you want. Email me with the book info and I'll get you put on my list!