Writing 101: End-of-Book Promotions

If you've read any of my books, you know I'm a big fan of end-of-book promotions. You should absolutely be including them in your self-published works. Find out why they work, and how to add them to your books. 

Beyond The End

The end of any book should leave readers with some of good feelings -- satisfaction, excitement, happiness. If you've done your job, they ought to be in a receptive mood. And they should also want a little bit more. The end of a good book is always a small disappointment, too, because you wish there was more. 

So add more. Now that the book's over, you've got one more shot to connect with your readers and turn them into you fans. You've got one more shot to get them to buy another one of your books. You do that most successfully with an end-of-book promotion, also known as a teaser. 

That's right: I want you to give them a taste of the next book. If you're writing a series, this is really a necessity. You want to show readers that hey, there's another book that continues the story. You also want to give them an idea of what the next book is about, and get them interested in the new story. 

If you haven't written a series, you can still use this promotional idea. Include a snippet from a similar book in your collection. If I've just finished a contemporary romance you've written, why not point me toward an historical romance you've also published? Obviously I like romances. If the romance in question has a touch of mystery to it, point me toward another book of yours with a mystery element. Include an excerpt (usually the first chapter of the book) and an "About the Author" box so I'll also know where to find all your links and find more of your work. 

Promoting Your Books

Take that last opportunity to promote your work, and hang onto your audience for just a few moments longer. If you let them know that you've got more to offer, you'll be much more likely to get repeat customers and continued readers. 

You're probably going to publish your book before you have another new book available, and that's fine. Once your next book is available, just edit your ebook, add your end-of-book promotion, and re-publish it. All you have to do is upload a new file; very easy!

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