Saltwater Secrets Trilogy

Praise for Song of the Sea

"It's a tale of mermen, selkies, and adolescent youth trying to determine their place in this newly discovered strange world...Varden puts together this beautifully colorful and vividly imaginative world that immediately draws you in. I was entranced from the first chapter and enjoyed every twist and turn."
-Ann Livi Andrews

"I have read several mermaid books. This one is nothing like any of them. The rules have changed."
-Happy Tails and Tales

"Suspense and surprises, and tiny moments of joy that make this a fantastic fantasy adventure and one that will manage to warm and break your heart at the same time."
-Lost in a Good Book

Death and the Deep

I came back to the land because I thought it would be safe. I didn’t know the waves would keep calling me, even weeks after I decided to leave them for ever.

That’s the problem with the ocean. The things we leave behind in the waves have a way of washing back up to the shore. Everything I left in the water is still out there…and I can hear it calling for me, no matter how hard I try to block the sound of the waves.

There is death waiting for me in the deep. Even when I try my best to stay on the land, the ocean won’t stop trying to claim me as one of its own. I’m afraid that soon, it’s going to succeed.

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