Hope's Rebellion

"Smart, sophisticated and engaging...a recommendable book and a must for dystopian lovers."


"It feels like there’s not a single extra word in this book.  Every word has a purpose...For the first 95% of the novel I couldn’t read fast enough.  For the last 5% I couldn’t read slow enough.  I’m sorry to say goodbye to three unforgettable protagonists."

"Hope's Rebellion has something about it, some spark, that makes a reader not want to put it down, not even when finished. What would you do if you lived in a world where you were taken away from your mother at the age of three, then sent to either be educated or to learn the trade of being a slave? What would you say to a world that picks who would get to give birth, who would work what job, and who would be part of the elite city guard? To a world where all is based on the color of your hair? This is the world Drexi, Rinna of the Gold, and Prelly live in."
-Marked by Books

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