Writing 101: Author Reviews

It can be really hard to get reviews for a book, and self-published authors are the type of people who take things into their own hands. That’s why some authors go ahead and take the next step on their own, and write author reviews of their own books. Should you...or shouldn’t you? 

Your Own Drum

Many self-published authors also review books. I’ve done it before, myself. It’s a good way to get more exposure for indie authors of all kinds, and it’s something to blog about. So what’s to stop an indie author, any kind of author, from reviewing their own book? There are reasons why you shouldn’t, clearly...but there is a way you can do it with a touch of class, too.

Self-promotion is something that every single author has to learn how to do, from me to J.K. Rowling. Some authors get so big that other people will do a lot of promoting for them, too, but it never hurts to bang your own drum, toot your own horn and pat yourself on the back every so often. Writing an author review is a good way to do this, but only if you write that review the right way.

If you’re compelled to write an author review of your work, do it to directly address your reading audience. Instead of a traditional review, word it more like a letter to your readers. Maybe tell them why you wrote the book, what it means to you or how you got the idea. This is a way to directly speak to your readers in a personalized way and give them some juicy tidbits about your book -- without writing something that reeks of self-promotion.

And speaking of needing reviews for your books, there are ways to get them. Look for book bloggers regularly, and send out emails frequently in order to keep those reviews coming.

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