The Author You Won’t Read About

Every Monday, I write about a different famous author. I like to dredge up some little-known information about them, expose their flaws, dig around in their secrets -- or maybe just talk about how they died. But there’s one author I’m never going to write about, and I’m about to tell you why.


I’ve written about authors that no one read until after their deaths, authors who were anonymous until they kicked the bucket, authors who died broke and even authors who killed themselves. There’s one author you’ll never see me write about: the one who gave up.

There are probably a million authors whom you’ve never heard of, people who wrote books (or started to) but never did anything about it. For every author that I feature on my blog, there are a hundred others that I will never read. Some of those authors, maybe, I wouldn’t want to read anyway. But there are lots of authors out there I can’t read for one reason only: they stopped writing, and gave up on it.

Maybe it doesn’t work out quite as you expected. Maybe you never make a dollar of money from doing it. But maybe one day, your book will become a big hit. Maybe lots of things could happen. If you give up, nothing will. That’s why there are so many authors I’ll never feature on this blog...but maybe one day, I’ll be spilling your secrets on a Monday instead.

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