Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Writing 101: Backups of My Backups

I took it upon myself to start counting the other day, and found no less than 7 different files across my devices that were named "manuscript." It's the title I use when I really have no title at all (which I change once I finally figure it out). And here's the twist to the story: those 7 files are not a mistake I made. They're all the same book. When I write, I make backups of my backups. This is a post about why you should, too.


When it comes to your books, it pays to be just a little obsessive-compulsive. It's a good idea to be just a little bit -- I said a little bit! -- crazy. Like me. And seriously, I'm a lunatic about backing stuff up. I'll tell you how you can be, too.

First, you're going to need a cloud. I'm a big advocate of this software, so don't fight me on this. Make a copy of all your book folders and put them on your cloud. Link the cloud everywhere that it can be linked. In most cases, that's your computer itself and all your devices.

Create a new folder in your cloud. Now, make a copy of all those book files and put them here. What about your computer? You'll want to make a new folder and put a copy of all your book files here, as well. Make another new folder and put it somewhere else on the cloud. Put a copy here, too.

Now, create a new email and write it to yourself. Attach your book files to that email and mail yourself. Now you have backups in the cloud, on your computer, and even in the electronic mail.

So for now, we'll refrain from taking things to the next step: tattooing your book directly to your skin.

I'm kidding, of course. Please don't do that! But please do back up...compulsively and obsessively. You should bake up your files every single time they change. Make copies and back them up again. Do it again! You may end up with 7 files with the same name, but isn't that much better than losing the one file that was the only copy you had?

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