My Quest to Be More Like Virginia Woolf

I'm going to be honest here: I don't know that much about Virginia Woolf. She was a writer, and she came to a rather poor end after penning many well-loved books. For my purposes, that's not important. My recent quest to be more like Virginia Woolf isn't about her books. It's about how she wrote them.

Will the Real Jade Varden Please Stand Up

Legend says that Virginia Woolf actually wrote standing up. This is a contrast to Truman Capote, who purportedly wrote lying down. Woolf had a competitive relationship with her sister, an artist. In a stunning bit of sibling rivalry, Virginia Woolf chose to write while standing so her sister could not say writing was an easier job than being an artist. I don't have a sister, but I think the idea of standing up is absolute perfection. 

I've been falling asleep lately. Well, let's call it dozing off. The point is, I've been jolted awake more than once and my hands are on the keyboard. I may even drift off mid-sentence, no kidding. It's not entirely my fault. I got three and a half hours of sleep last night, and I work out for at least an hour every day so I begin my whole day already feeling exhausted. Once I sit down, I'm in constant danger of just falling asleep.

This is why I want to pursue the Virgina Woolf method of writing, and simply stand up instead. I have recently been conducting experiments to test the viability of this plan. So far, it's not working. However, I remain hopeful that soon, I can write without dozing off. 

I'll keep you posted.

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