A Year in Rantings

I made it a point to write a big New Year's post last year, so I felt that I could do no less this time around. Like many people, I made a New Year's resolution. And like the majority of people, I broke it. At least I know I have something in common with others.


But I'm probably not going to write about other things I might have in common with other people. My New Year's resolution was to write more personal blog posts, in the fashion of a blogger that I admire. And honestly, I really, really tried to follow it.

I actually have several posts that are half-written, all of them intended for my regular personal little feature. Each one is more insane than the next. One was a gigantic rant about how money has no real value, in which I told a story wherein I'm a cave man who can't hunt effectively. The next one I tried to write was all about a toxic love affair I have with baking, and started out with me writing about how I used to wear a tutu. 

I'm sure you can understand why these posts haven't been published. I even tried to write a post about how I haven't been writing any posts, and led myself around in so many circles I had to abandon the journey altogether. This is not unusual. I get lost often. 

But after skimming over them once more, I realized that most of these posts zeroed in on a central theme: I'm having trouble writing my newest book. I worked on Hope's Rebellion all year long. It was such a departure from the norm for me, I had to really focus to put myself inside the story and get it out on the page. I did a lot of pacing in 2013, and re-writing and second-guessing. But Hope's Rebellion is finished, and it's now available and I hope you'll all take a look at it. 

I didn't really meet my New Year's resolutions last year, but I'm bold enough to try again with a new one. This time around, I'm choosing a resolution I'm certain I can complete. I'm going to finish my newest book by summer, half the year, and publish another to follow. I have my next two projects planned carefully, so I think I can do it. 

I'll let you know how it all went in 2015!

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