Writing 101: Update Your Readers

If you're not telling your readers about new and upcoming events on your schedule, you're not doing all the marketing you could be doing. Always update you readers...even when you haven't got a lot of stuff to tell them about. 

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Facebook and Twitter aren't just for sharing links to your blog and your Amazon author central page. You should definitely be using social media to give readers regular updates about what you're working on. Tell them when you pick a title, when you get your cover, when you create a trailer and even when you're struggling through that gnarly chapter.

Involve your readers in the process, even if it's only through short updates that let them know what you're working on. You'll generate more and more excitement for your book the more you talk about it, so talk about it! Let readers know when you're up to and what you're thinking about the book to get them excited about the project as well. When they feel more involved, they'll get more excited.

Newsletters are a good way to keep readers updated as well, but there's a bit more pressure here. You have to provide interesting content in a newsletter to make it worth reading. Use a widget to include an email signup on your blog, and you're ready to start releasing your news.

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