Writing 101: Need a Little Extra Money?

If you're an indie author and you self-publish books all on your own and you're living in this economy, chances are good that you could do with a little extra money. And believe me, I'm not going to give it to you. But I can tell you where to get a few extra bucks. Only be warned: I do mean that literally. 

Does a Little Go a Long Way?

Do you have some tidbit to share about crafting, gardening, fashion, some other area of your interest? Do you know recipe secrets, or all sorts of stuff about homebrewing? You can turn your skills into articles, and you can turn those into a little bit of extra cash. 

If you're not an expert and you have no idea how to write an article (which isn't so different from writing a blog post, honestly), you can always share your creative writing. Short stories and poems may also net you a few bucks. 

The site is Yahoo Voices, and they'll pay you for your content. The site accepts all sorts of different writing, including original poems and items that you've already published online. Through up-front payments, performance payments or both, it's possible to earn a little bit of money for your writing. Your work will also be published on the Yahoo Voices site, stuff that you can share with your fans and family members.

But when I say a "few dollars," I'm not being cute. Yahoo Voices doesn't dole out large amounts of money. You have to create a lot of content in order to earn regular income, and you can't expect to quit your "day job" based upon those revenue earnings. But you can earn some money, get your name out there...and possibly do something with all that writing you've got stored up on your hard drive.

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