Writing 101: Are You Getting Out Enough?

I used to imagine my ideal writing spot: a dark, quiet room. There would be a desk against the wall and a single lamp just next to my elbow. Here I would sit and type, alone with my words. 

Now I write every day, and I've come to learn that this was an insane idea. Please don't sit in the dark day after day and write...no, not even if you're writing horror stories or dark tragedies. When you're a writer of any kind, make sure you're getting out enough. 

Who's Out There? 

It sounds romantic to be a starving artist, a brooding and melancholy wordsmith. Can't you just see Poe pacing around in a room made of stone, candlelight flickering against the wall, mumbling to himself about death and ghosts and murder?

It's hard to write like that, and it's not good for you to sit in the dark all the time. Environment absolutely affects you when you're writing. If you're sitting indoors all day long in the same spot doing the same routine and looking at the same stuff, you're going to make yourself crazy. You've got to take time to step outdoors, take a look around, maybe get out there and do something. Go for a walk around the block if that's all you've got the time to do. Take the laptop or the tablet outside, if you absolutely can't leave your work, and at least just sit out there. 

Because if you don't, your writing is going to deteriorate. You've got to get a change of scenery every now and then. You've got to see different sights. You'd be surprised how much creativity a simple change will inspire.

Sitting shut-up inside a room all the time isn't romantic, and it's not an ideal way to write.

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